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Historical & Archaeological Sites

There is a rich heritage of fascinating archaeological sites in Kerry and especially in our local area – from the majestic prehistoric Staigue Fort to the proud Ogham stone at Derrynane. The area offers a wealth of sites such as forts, castles, prehistoric stone art and standing stones. From Wave Crest take a right to Castlecove Village (3 miles, 4.5km). At the 50km speed limit sign take the left fork, pass the Staigue Fort Hotel straight on and you will arrive at the Fort. Dating from 300-400 AD, Staigue Fort standing on a low hill is an Iron Age ring fort built as a defensive stronghold for a local lord or king. It is surrounded by an 8 meter wide ditch that is nearly 2 meters deep. The partly ruined fort walls are over 5 meters tall in places, just over 27 meters in diameter and entrance to the interior is through a 1.8 meter roofed passage. One of the most interesting features of the fort are the two small chambers at the doorway and stairways which run inside the wall and lead to narrow platforms on which the fort’s defenders would have stood. There is a visitor’s centre adjoining the site.